Viski Craftsmen Village

Crafts (the three-dimensional ceramic panels, woodwork (the ceramist Valdis Grebežs), wickerwork (Pūpoli studio), demonstrations of craft skills. A familiarization with traditional Latvian national musical instrument – kokle.

The House of Latgalian Traditions and Skills “Ambeļu skreine”

In “Ambeļu skreine” are organised main festivities of the year, exhibitions of art, demonstrations of traditional crafts, dancing evenings, singing, fortunetelling, bread baking and cheese making. On the “Ambeļu skreine” territory is a possibility to organize open air events.

The Workshop of Woodcarver Varis Vilcans

Varis Vilcāns a woodcarver and blacksmith, who calls himself craftsman of weird things. During the visit to his workshop, it is possible to observe woodcarving process, participate in forging and shoot with a bow and crossbow.

Osvalds Skromans

Osvalds Skromans is a craftsman who is making different wicker artworks for more than 20 years. He is making weaves of different types and sizes, both from round wicker and from wicker strips. The range of products is very wide – from various baskets to chandeliers and tables. The craftsman offers to buy gifts for those who like handmade things from natural and ecologically clean materials. These products will fit well in any house or apartment and have a variety of applications.