Mark Rothko


Mark Rothko, one of the most eminent painters of his generation, also is one of the leading representatives of so-called New York School. It was a group of painters that was organized in 1940 as a new common denominator in art in USA. Mark Rothko during his 50-years long painter career created new and impressive … >>

Solomon Mikhoels (Vovsi)


With the decision of UNESCO in March 1990 there was solemnly celebrated 100-years anniversary since the birth of eminent director, actor, thinker, public figure, artist of the USSR, professor Solomon Mikhoels (Vovsi). He was born on 16 March 1890 in Dinaburg, 4 Postojaloja Street (nowadays Mihoelsa Street) in family of wood seller. In the family … >>

Oskar Strok


O. Stroks was born on 24 December 1892. His father was a musician of theatrical orchestra. O.Stroks started to take interest in music very early. Initially he played a violin, later – a piano. At the age of 12 he entered Petersburg Conservatory where studied in piano class. One of the first compositions composed by … >>



Daugavpils is first childhood city of poet J.Rainis (1865-1929). Not far from Daugavpils, in Randene, Berkenele and Vasilova half a manors the poet spent his childhood. Daugavpils Secondary school No.6 (former Griva German school where the poet studied) nowadays has a name of Rainis.

Andrejs Pumpurs


Andrejs Pumpurs (1841-1902) is Latvian poet who out of folk songs, legends and tales created an epic poem “Lāčplēsis”.  Already in his childhood he knew history, German language, he read a lot, and his knowledge made him one of the greatest Latvian poets of 19th century. Already in his childhood he knew history, German language, he … >>

Rihards Zarins


The prominent Latvian painter and graphic artist Rihards Karlis Valdemars Zarins (1869 – 1939) studied in the present J. Rainis Daugavpils Secondary School No. 6. He created symbols that are depicted in Latvian euro coins – the portrait of Latvian girl and the coat of arms of Latvian Republic. Facts Rihards Zarins graduated Griva German School with … >>

Avraham Yitzchak Kook


Avraham Yitzchak Kook ( 8 September 1865 – 11 September 1935) was an Orthodox rabbi, the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of British Mandatory Palestine, the founder of Yeshiva Mercaz HaRav Kook (The Central Universal Yeshiva), a Jewish thinker, Halakhist, Kabbalist, and a renowned Torah scholar. He was one of the most celebrated and influential rabbis of the 20th century. Kook was born in Griva in the Courland Governorate of the … >>

Yehuda Pen


Painter (1854-1937).  He was born on May 24, 1854 (June 5) in Novoaleksandrovsk (Zarasai, Lithuania) in a poor Jewish family which had many children. Being a 4 year old boy he was left without a father. At an early age he showed his ability in drawing: when he had free time he painted letters in … >>

Valerija Seile


She was born in 1891. Valerija Seile was the director of Daugavpils State Teachers’ Institute, Latgale  congress participant (1917), eminent public political figure of Latgalian National Awakening, the author of numerous pedagogic works. She was among those who laid the foundation for Latvian educational system. She was Latgalian clerk of the first Latvian Department of … >>

Vladislavs Locis


In Alejas Street there is a memorial plate which narrates that there functioned Latgalian publishing house founded in 1939  by Vladislavs Locis and Janis Cibuļskis. In 1943 the publishing house resumed its work in Daugavpils. In period until 1944 there were published 30 books – works of the most talented Latgalian authors such as J. … >>