Music Square in Esplanade Rest Park

Esplanade Rest Park, Daugavpils
GPS: 55.872196 , 26.508466

Music Square in Esplanade Rest Park is a place for rest and walks in Daugavpils. The central theme of this recreation and walking area is the sounds of music in an urban environment. This is very symbolic, as the Square is located directly opposite Staņislavs Broks Daugavpils Music Secondary School.

There are various music instruments placed in the open air that allow to both hear and feel the music in its various forms. There are 10 different musical instruments – drums, xylophone, tube bells and other interesting objects.

People in this unusual place may witness how music is born, and also create a beautiful melody. Both those who are familiar with music, and those who are just beginning to get familiar with the diverse world of sounds can make sure of the sound quality: sheet music is placed on the instruments in order to help to reproduce world-famous compositions even for the youngest music lovers.

In addition to musical instruments, benches and waste bins, information signs and stands are placed in the Square. There is also a bicycle parking place. The area is designed in such a way that it is convenient for parents with prams and people with disabilities.