The House of Rainis in Berkenele

  • The House of Rainis in Berkenele
  • The House of Rainis in Berkenele
  • The House of Rainis in Berkenele
  • The House of Rainis in Berkenele
Birkineli, Kalkune parish, Augšdaugavas District (Birkineļi, Kalkūnes pagasts, Augšdaugavas novads)
GPS: 55.81590569999999 , 26.45691880000004
+371 65474368
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The childhood of the outstanding Latvian poet, translator, master of drama, public and political figure Rainis (1865 – 1929) has spent here, in the Berkenele Half-manor. Here the poet’s personality and worldview began to form and the first verses were born. Memories from here reflect in Rainis anthology of poetry “Five Sketch-books of Dagda”. Expositions devoted to the poet and different art exhibitions take a place in the manor now. It is possible to order excursions, participate in workshops and organize seminars, too.

 Museum offers:

  • Rainis and Berkenele Exposition;
  • Children’s Room Exposition;
  • Art exhibitions.

 Opening hours:

May 15th – October 15th Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.

October 16th – May 14th – available upon request.

 Excursion offer (available upon request):

  • “Trip around the Land of the Sun” – excursion around the house and garden; a story about Rainis childhood, watching films based on Rainis poetry motives; (for children and students).
  • “The Road of the Sun” – excursion around the house and garden; a guide in a game way explains how did Rainis childhood events implemented his further life; (for children and students).
  • “The Only View” – excursion around the house and garden; participants get acquainted with Rainis “Five Sketch-books of Dagda” anthology of poetry and visit mentioned in the poetry places; (for students and adults).
  • “The Sun and a Boy” – excursion around the house and garden; the excursion is mostly held in Children’s Room Exposition, participants get to know what Rainis was dreaming of, which books he was reading and why the “sun” was his favourite poetic image; (for children and students).
  • “Sacral Heritage” –excursion to Birkineli Evangelical Lutheran Church and cemetery; (for students and adults).
  • Excursion route “Apple Taste Way”. The route includes: a visit of the orchard “Sēlija“, where its owner Alberts Mendriķis introduces with the farm, tell a “life story” of an apple tree, shows the apple orchard, warehouses and refineries. You are welcome to taste apple wine (apple juice for children); a visit of the Rainis House in Berkenele, getting to know the house and the garden of poet’s childhood; a rich choice of apple treats of the traditional Latgalian cuisine.

Workshops (available upon request):

  • Wooden toy painting;
  • Wool processing;
  • Soap making;
  • Weaving;
  • Poker-work technique;
  • Letter writing;
  • Postcard making.

Entry costs:

1.00 EUR – for adults;

0.50 EUR – for pupil (18-year old, students) and pensioners;

4.00 EUR – family ticket (2 adults, 5 school-age children).

 Participation in workshops:

1.50 EUR – for adults;

1.00 EUR – for pupil.

Guided tour:

4.00 EUR – group less than 10 people;

7.00 EUR – group 11 – 35 people.

About the accommodation in the House of Rainis in Berkenele, you can find information here.