The gastronomic tourist route “Latgalian road of shmakovka”

This is gastronomic tourist route that is placed in the territory of Latgale and that unites seven tourism objects and home producers related to the shmakovka drink. An exciting story awaits you about the guilty pleasure of Latgale – shmakovka. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of drink creation, production and distillation process, as well as to try the real taste of Latgale at every stop on the route.

Cycling route No. 786 “Sventes ezera loks”

Augsdaugava district cycling route No. 786 “Sventes ezera loks” leads along Svente lake – one of the deepest and clearest lakes in Latvia. The total length of the route is about 27 km.

The regional cycle route Nr.35 “Daugavas Loki”

The cycle route Nr.35 is an itinerary that includes architecture monuments of the two cities such as churches, castles and a fortress, as well as the landscapes of one of the most astonishing stages of the Daugava River. While travelling around this route, you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with Latvian, Russian and Polish cultural and historical heritage, with the most popular sightseeing places and with the daily life of the local community.The full length of the route is 122.8 km.

778th Cycling Route “Augšzemes ezeru loki”

This cycling route leads 56,5 km across the Daugavpils neighbourhood Griva with its traditional building and the Daugavpils District nature parks of Medumi and Svente, that is a part of the Protected Landscape Area „Augšzeme“. There are several churches on the way and places where the famous Latvian poet Rainis has spent his childhood — … >>

Water tourism route “Slutišķi – Daugavpils – Līksna – Nīcgale”

 Route. The route is suited to active boaters who love long boat trips and enjoy discovering interesting nature, cultural and historical monuments. Because of high waves during windy time, the route is not suitable for boaters with little or no experience. The route will not fit to lazy ones as it requires strength and strenuous … >>

Get to Know Manors and Castles of Augsdaugava District!

1. Buildings of Mols manor and park Viski, Viski parish, Daugavpils region The building was established in the late 19th century. The castle was built for the birth of Polish landlords – Mols. It was the castle with two towers. The castle was destroyed during the World War I. The barn, the shed and the … >>

Apple Taste Way

Have a look into the working process of the modern farm and agricultural product processing, visit Rainis House in Berkenele where the poet’s personality and worldview began to form and the first verses were born. Find out about farming in the Berkenele apple garden in Rainis childhood times and nowadays.

Visit to the Ancient Craft Masters

Get to know local craftsmen and rural producers’ work, visit lots of farmsteads and Skrinda Family Museum of Vabole. Try your hand in ancient crafts: weaving, woodcarving and smithcraft. Dare to shoot a bow and arbalest, treat yourself with local delicacies during the excursion route and taste a traditional meal of Vabole.

Lunch in a Village of Prosperous Old Believers

In the forest, on the right bank of Daugava – River of Destiny Slutiski Village is situated. Latgalian Old Believers used to settle in Slutiski from the beginning of the 18th century, hiding behind the Markova Hillfort “back”. Visit the village, breathe fresh air and admire the landscapes of the Daugava River, find out more about Old Believers lifestyle and habits, as well as taste a meal in Old Believers’ style.

Along the Steps of Earls Plater-Zyberk in Daugavpils and its Surrounding

Grāfu Plāteru dzimtas izcelšanās meklējama viduslaiku Vācijā, Vestfālē, kad 1210.gadā pirmo reizi tiek minēts Vestfāles bruņinieks Humberts fon Plāters. Plāteru senči Baltijā ieradās kopā ar krustnešiem. Apmetušies Latgalē, viņi asimilējās un pieņēma poļu kultūru, veidojot radniecīgas saites ar Zībergu dzimtu. Laika gaitā Plāteri-Zībergi kļuva par vienu no ievērojamākajām un ietekmīgākajām dzimtām Latgalē. Viņu īpašumi atradās ne tikai Latgalē,  Vidzemē un Kurzemē, bet arī Polijā un Lietuvā. Par Plāteru-Zībergu līdzekļiem  uzbūvētas vairākas muižas, pilis, baznīcas, ierīkoti parki, kas ir saglabājušies arī pašreizējā Daugavpils un Ilūkstes novada teritorijā. Šis grāfu Plāteru-Zībergu devums ir neatņemama kultūrvēsturiskā mantojuma sastāvdaļa un arī nozīmīgi apskates objekti, kas ceļojuma laikā sniedz neaizmirstamus iespaidus.