“A history of the long-term fortification”

“A history of the long-term fortification”

A thematic tour “A history of the long-term fortification” tells the story about fortifications, their features and purpose at the Daugavpils Fortress.

Over the centuries, an incredible number of unique fortresses and fortification complexes has been built around the world. Each of them has a special structure and it depends on many factors. However, despite of many differences, certain similarities can also be seen that connect completely dissimilar fortified complexes. During this tour it will be possible to see, catch and feel such similarities on the example of fortifications (and their elements) in Daugavpils Fortress.

Many answers to the questions that concern many guests of the fortress will be found during the tour such as why the fortress looks like a star, for what purpose the casemates are needed, why a military fortress is a city and many other. Participants of the tour will see many fortifications that usually go unnoticed, will be able to enter the defensive moat and see with their own eyes what the attackers of the fortress saw, they will be able to understand the development path of the bastion type fortresses using the example of the fortifications in Daugavpils.

Participants will be able to learn many unusual words that have special meaning.

An exciting and interesting guided tour that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Adittional information:

Route and main viewing objects * 7th bastion
* 6th curtain-lunette
* 5th bastion
* 5th counterguard
* 5th reduit
* 6th bastion
Prices: https://ej.uz/en_ekskursijas_daugavpils
Languages Latvian, Russian, English
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