Old-believer’s Prayer House in Niderkuni

  • Old-believer’s Prayer House in Niderkuni
  • Old-believer’s Prayer House in Niderkuni
6 Vaboļu Street, Daugavpils

The Old-believer’s community in Niderkuni was founded in the late 19th century. The permission to build the prayer house was received after the Directive “On Toleration”. The senator Harjakin gave the land to the community and he also gave the credit for building materials. 2,000 rubles were collected with the help of the donations from private persons.

Old-believer’s Prayer House in Niderkuni was built in 1907, but in 1908 – 1911 work on the interior design was carried out. The parishioners presented icons and books to the new church. The icons painted by Konstantin Pavlov, Vasilij Kirillin, Barbara Kirillina and Leontij Seleznev have remained in the iconostasis till nowadays.

In 1930 – 1935 it was necessary to strengthen the construction of the roof and for this purpose four columns were placed in the chapel room. In 1930 Old Believers’ Song community department of Griva and Niderkuni worked in the church under the leadership of F.Fadeev. The divine services continued all the time in the church. In 2000, Daugavpils City Council has allocated funds to repair the bell tower and crosses. The builders of the church repeated in brick the traditional forms of Old Believers’ prayer houses in Daugavpils region. A single volume with a gable roof for four windows with a small bell tower that is covered with a canopy and that “grows” out of the roof, the head of the pulpit, the cantilevered canopy over the porch – everything is simple, but strictly canonical. The interior of the church is decorated with a rich four-tiered iconostasis, a beautiful chandelier and with the icons in icon cases. The overlap over the hall is designed in the shape of an arch, the wooden structure of which is entered in the roof volume.

The route: from the city center through the bridge over the river Daugava, left turn to Niderkuni.