Daugavpils District Tourism, Recreation and Culture Agency “TAKA” offers guided tours around Daugavpils District. There are already prepared routes available as well as opportunity to develop individual route according wishes of each customer.

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“Apple Taste Way”
Have a look into the working process of the modern farm and agricultural product processing, visit Rainis House in Berkenele where the poet’s personality and worldview began to form and the first verses were born. Find out about farming in the Berkenele apple garden in Rainis childhood times and nowadays.
The route includes:
– a visit of the Sēlija Orchard where its owner Alberts Mendriķis will introduce the farm, tell a “life story” of an apple tree, show the apple orchard, warehouses and refineries; you are welcome to taste apple wine (apple juice for children);
– a visit of the Rainis House in Berkenele, getting to know the house and the garden of poet’s childhood;
– a rich choice of apple treats.

“Visit to the Ancient Craft Masters”
Get to know local craftsmen and rural producers’ work, visit lots of farmsteads and Skrinda Family Museum of Vabole. Try your hand in ancient crafts: weaving, woodcarving and smithcraft. Dare to shoot a bow and arbalest, treat yourself with local delicacies during the excursion route and taste a traditional meal of Vabole.
The route includes:
– a visit of Skrinda Family Museum (the museum is dedicated to the Latvian first “Atmoda” (Awakening) figures – Skrinda brothers); treating with herbal tea and rural bread at the host’s table;
learning weaving skills with Dace Teivāne;
– a visit of the beekeeping farmstead of Agnese Sitnika, storytelling about honey and bee life, degustation;
– a visit of Varis Vilcāns workshop: viewing the woodcarving process, participating in smithery product making, shooting a bow and arbalest;
– participation in Vabole traditional meal – “komas” cooking on the open fire and having an outdoor meal!
On pre-order is possible to buy smoked meat; on every route’s stage is possible to buy local craftsmen and rural producers’ products.

“Around World War I Bunkers”
The so-called “Line of Life and Death” – the front line with a complicated strengthening fortification system, crossed the territory of Daugavpils District for many years. This route allows to feel the wartime atmosphere, visit the most interesting bunkers and trenches, see things of army daily life and have a meal as soldiers used to have.
The route includes:
– a visit of the most interesting bunkers, trenches and other military objects with a guide;
– a visit of private military collections of in Medumi;
– a visit of the Military Vehicle Collection of in Svente;
– a lunch in soldiers’ style cooked on an open fire on the Sudmali Hillfort.