Guided tour for students “Explore Daugavpils Fortress”*

Guided tour for students “Explore Daugavpils Fortress”*

It is a 1,5-hour guided tour in Daugavpils Fortress that is specially created for students. Daugavpils Fortress that was founded in the 19th century is a unique cultural and historical monument of national importance. The Daugavpils Fortress is the last bastion type fortress built in the world that has been preserved without significant changes.

Students and teachers will learn interesting facts about the history of the fortress (about the time when the fortress was built, about how the fortress was used in different historical periods, about the famous battle of the garrison against Napoleon’s army in the early 19th century and other facts). It will be possible to “build the fortress” by your own hands by folding a big puzzle, as well as to look at military uniforms that represent different time periods, try on some historical hats, look into almost two hundred year old water tank, try the phone of the 19th-century and measure the length/width of a wooden bridge at Nicholas Gate, shoot from the air cannon in the powder magazine of the fortress, as well as look at the casemate of the main rampart and see the oldest stone building in Daugavpils.

An exciting and interesting guided tour that will not leave anyone indifferent.

* The tour can be adapted to the age of the students. It is recommended to indicate the age or the class of the students during the booking. It is possible to make changes to the route, depending on the group’s wishes.

Adittional information:

Activities Activities during the guided tour:
* Folding a fortress puzzle
* Listening to the “voices of the past” in Nicholas Gate
* Measuring the length and the width of a wooden bridge in steps
* Shooting with an air cannon in powder magazine
Route and main viewing objects * The former water-lifting building, and today – Daugavpils Fortress Culture and Information Centre
* Nicholas Gate and wooden bridge
* Guardhouse
* The open-air art work “Ghost of the Fortress”
* The small powder magazine
* Main rampart
* Casemate of the 6th curtain-lunette
* Building of the Jesuit Collegium
* The location of the Jesuit Church
* Burial place of G. Pilenko (commandant of the Dinaburg fortress in 1882-1884). His grave has been preserved till nowadays and is the cultural and historical heritage of the fortress.
Prices: https://ej.uz/en_ekskursijas_daugavpils
Languages Latvian, Russian, English
To order guided tours please contact Guided tours by prior agreement. In order to book a tour information about the date/time of the tour, as well as the number of people in a group is required:
* Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre, 22a Rīgas Street, phone: +371 654 22818, +371 2644810, e-mail: turisms@daugavpils.lv;
* Daugavpils Fortress Culture and Information Centre, 5 Nikolaja Street, phone: +371 654 24043, +371 28686331, e-mail: cietoksnis@daugavpils.lv.