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Welcome to Augsdaugava district!
Eight bends of the Daugava River, the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, wild horses and cranes’ yelling, magnificent manors and castles, delicious food and hospitality – this is Augsdaugava region, the place where Selonia and Latgale meet! There are many places, where several outstanding personalities spent their childhood. Many places are still inspired by a special mood, surrounding nature, people and life stories – the House of Rainis in Berkenele, the dreamer land of
the Old Stender’s childhood, the Museum of the first national awakening members in Latgale – Skrinda brothers, the grape father Pauls Sukatnieks and his house “Apsītes” and an exhibition devoted to the Parisian artist Valentina Zeile at the Naujene Local History Museum. Augsdaugava region has breathtaking nature – the nature park “Dvietes paliene”, which is a world-wide nesting place for migratory birds, the nature park “Daugavas loki”, where the Daugava River has eight picturesque bends, the nature reserve “Pilskalnes Siguldiņa”, where there are beautiful and clear lakes. Here in a friendly group you can embrace the largest boulder
in Latvia – the big boulder of Nicgale, and hear the roar of the ancient Bebrene mill. Those who like active tourism can soar in the clouds to enjoy the picturesque
landscape of the district. Everyone can enjoy skiing or snowboarding at the ski resort “Egļukalns” in winter, as well as take a ride on the Daugava River and the lakes of Augsdaugava region.

Augsdaugava district is a Latvian municipality, in which Daugavpils district and Ilukstes district were merged on July 1, 2021, after the 2021 administrative territorial reform of Latvia. It is bordered by Jekabpils, Livani and Preilu counties in the north, Kraslava county in the east, Lithuania’s Panevezys county in the west and Utena county in the south, as well as Vitebsk county in Belarus in the south.

The administrative center of the county is located in the city of Daugavpils, which is not part of the Augsdaugava district. The territory of the district corresponds to the territory of Daugavpils district (1962-2009), which existed before the previous administrative territorial reform.

Coat of arms of the Augsdaugava District

Split head with wavy cut: blue and silver. In the upper field, a fluttering silver flag with tripartite ends, in the lower one, the same oak tree growing from a green base.

The new district was formed by merging Daugavpils and Ilukstes districts.

The coat of arms of Daugavpils county is based on fluttering silver flags, which indicate the special and important place of the county on the Latvian border. The upper part of the shield depicts a flag derived from the flags of the knights of the medieval Dinaburg Castle, while the blue color symbolizes Latgale Region.

The symbolism of the coat of arms of Ilukste District is based on the story of a horse and oaks, respectively, in the lower part of the shield, a green oak is depicted in a silver field, which is also a symbol of the strength of our nation. The tree is depicted in Celia’s green color – in one variant with strong roots, in one – growing from a green base.

Both of these symbols are separated by a wavy cut, which visually symbolizes the twists and turns of the Daugava River.


Population: 27,560