Monument to the fallen in Afghanistan War

Jātnieku Street Square, Daugavpils

The monument was unveiled in 2017 in Jātnieku Street Square. The monument commemorates those who died in Afghanistan War. Author of the monument project Romualds Gibovskis created it as a half-open wall that symbolizes life ruptured by war and death. The other part of the wall displays 9 silhouettes – 9 young boys from Daugavpils and its surroundings who died in war. At the foot of the monument there are 9 weapon shells, which serve also as flower vases. From 1979 to 1989, 3640 soldiers from Latvia were sent to war in Afghanistan.177 soldiers were seriously injured, 1 – disappeared without a trace, 63 – died. 16 of the fallen were from Latgale.