Lukna Lake

  • Lukna Lake
  • Lukna Lake
  • Lukna Lake
  • Lukna Lake
  • Lukna Lake
  • Lukna Lake
  • Lukna Lake
  • Lukna Lake
Viski parish, Augsdaugava district
GPS: 56.07013730000001 , 26.76849889999994
+371 65425347

The average depth of the lake is 2,4 m, but the maximum depth – 6,1 m. The mirror square area is 409.0 ha.

Ducks and swans have their nests here. The lake has one island. Rushes, horsetails, cattails, sweet flags and spatter docks grow on the lake banks. The pikes, tenches, breams, roaches, perches, eels and chubs dwell here. Let: silver one-summers – 400 kg (2000), 40 thousand (2004); pike larvae – 200 thousand (2000), tenches one-summers – 17.5 thousand (2002); pikes one-summers – 16 thousand (2004); pikes one-years – 5 thousand ( 2006).

Recreational possibilities – licensed fishing. Daily license – 1.50 EUR, month license – 4.50 EUR. Licensed fishing organizer: Viski Parish Council. The full text of the rules in the Latvian language can be found here: http://www.viski.lv/parvalde/makskeresana/.

According to the project INTERREG IIIA “Cycling Development in the Baltic Country of Lakes”, on the beaches of the lake near the Viski technical school (GPS: 56.064032, 26.771286000000032) and in Ostrova (GPS: 56.0598558, 26.8116675) recreation places with different equipment (tables, benches, bowers, swings, toilets and garbage bins) were installed.

The bicycle route “Around the lake Lukna”, marked with wooden signs (association “Latvian lakes” ER, 2009) is developed within the mentioned project.

Boat station and pier „Višķi uz viļņa” is located near the Višķi Technical School (GPS: 56.064032, 26.771286000000032). The are available boats, water bikes, catamarans and aquaskipper for rent.


  • Boat rental 1,50 EUR /h, 7,00 EUR/day
  • Water ski rental 2,00 EUR/h
  • Catamarans rental 2.00 EUR/h
  • Aquaskipper rental 2.00 EUR/30 min.

Opening hours:

  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday – Friday: 16:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday, Sunday: 12:00 – 20:00

On the lake bank near Viski-Aglona road, between Lukna and Boltaru lake, near to recreation place, an observation tower is built. From this tower You can see a view on Viski surrounding lakes.