The Beach for People with Disabilities is Officially Opened in Daugavpils

The Beach for People with Disabilities is Officially Opened in Daugavpils

On August 13, the beach for people with disabilities was opened at the Lielais Stropu Lake. For several years, many Daugavpils residents with limited mobility and visual impairments have been waiting for this moment: now they can enjoy summer swimming in a well-equipped and safe environment.

The idea of ​​creating such a place for swimming in our city was born more than 5 years ago, and thanks to the attraction of funding from the local government, it has finally came to life. As part of the construction project, a changing booth for people with mobility problems, an automated elevator for people with mobility problems to get into and out of the water, as well as a slope with handrails for the visually impaired and the blind were installed near the building of the former lifeguard station. This is especially important because near the Central Beach there is a neighborhood “Society for the Blind”, where many people with visual impairments live.

Currently there are more than 8,000 people with disabilities in Daugavpils. Those who have had first-hand experience of all the hardships of life for people with disabilities appreciate the social value of this project.

Improvement of Stropi recreation area and adaptation of the beach infrastructure for the needs of different categories of vacationers this year was highly appreciated by the committee for the awarding of the “Blue Flag” mark of quality. The bathroom adapted to the needs of people in wheelchairs was opened in the building of the former lifeguard station this season. The beach created for them will continue to be improved with new elements.

Summer continues to pamper the hot weather, and Daugavpils kindly invites both locals and residents of all Latvia to enjoy outdoor recreation.

Information was prepared by the Communication Department of  Daugavpils City Municipality.