Recreation area “Augustplatz”

  • Recreation area “Augustplatz”
  • Recreation area “Augustplatz”
  • Recreation area “Augustplatz”
  • Recreation area “Augustplatz”
  • Recreation area “Augustplatz”
  • Recreation area “Augustplatz”
6 Jubilejas Street, Kalkūni parish, Daugavpils district
GPS: 55.8454546500737 , 26.491088245005397
+371 29 164 268
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The recreation area is created in a historical place, in the ruins of a horse stable, which belonged to the Baron August Georg Friedrich von Oettingen in the 1860s. This place has been cleaned up and is gradually being renovated.

Currently, there is a small bakery here, where everyone can taste warm, fresh pastry called trdelník. The buyer can see the whole process of baking this treat. This pastry, that ir baked from yeast dough, is popular in Prague, Czech Republic.

Working hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 15:00 to 18:00

The recreation area offers an interactive program during which participants can participate in various competitions, complete tasks and pass tests. All activities take place in the fresh air, and this offer is topical not only for adults, but also for children. At the end of the interactive program, participants will be treated to snacks and hot tea.

Program duration ~ 1.5h

Price 5.00 EUR / person, if there are more than 3 persons, the minimum price for the program from the family is 18.00 EUR.

Pre-registration is required by calling: +371 29164268.