Daugavpils offers a wide range of recreation and leisure opportunities, visits to the city museums, cultural institutions and natural sites during the summer tourist season. Daugavpils is a dog friendly city, so residents and guests of Daugavpils can visit sightseeing with their four-legged pets.

The list of the places to visit:

Natural objects:

  • Dubrovin Park is a favorite place for walks in the historic centre of the city. Rare trees and shrubs in Latvia grow here. The park has the largest fountain in the city, which is illuminated in summer. The park has a monument devoted to Dubrovin, who was the initiator of the park, former mayor P. Dubrovin, and his dog.
  • Central Park is the largest park in the city. The park has walking paths, well-kept greenery, a large playground for children. There is a special “Tree of Love”. You can also take a breath and observe the cityscape in an unusual alley of benches.
  • Esplanade Park is a place suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. The park has a bicycle park, a playground, street exercisers, a musical square with street musical instruments and landscaped pedestrian paths. The park has a separate fenced area for walking with a dogs.
  • Bruģu Street promenade is a great place for leisurely walks, where you can enjoy the scenery of the Daugava bank and the works of Daugavpils artists on the concrete fence walls of Bruģu Street. Outdoor fitness equipment is available for lovers of active recreation, and benches are convenient for those who like a measured rest. Construction work will be completed soon, and at the beginning of the promenade, citizens and visitors will have access to the observation deck, which offers a magnificent panoramic view of Griva.
  • The promenade along the Lielais Stropu Lake is a suitable place for lovers of long walks. A three-kilometre trail connects the 2 beaches of the lake, the promenade is equipped with benches, as well as outdoor exercise equipment and a playground.
  • Daugavpils Fortress promenade is the newest promenade of the city, located on the bank of the Daugava, close to the historic Daugavpils Fortress. Great place for walking to enjoy nature, the flow of the Daugava and the historical breath of the city.


Cultural-historical and tourist sites:

  • Daugavpils Fortress is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, especially popular among dog owners. Walking through the territory of almost 150 hectares will be a fascinating adventure for both families and their loved ones.
  • The Medical Exhibition with an Exposition of Contraceptives is a unique permanent exposition in one of the historical buildings of Daugavpils Fortress. Various exhibits of medical subjects – equipment, photographs, documents, visual materials – are placed in 3 halls on the area of 350 square meters. There is also a place for four-legged friends in the spacious rooms. More information about the exposition can be found at visitdaugavpils.lv.
  • Shmakovka Museum is a pet-friendly place in the basement of the historic Unity House, where you can learn about the history of Latgale through the lens of the region’s culinary heritage. More about the exposition – smakovka.lv.
  • Exhibition of retro cars “Retrogaraž-D” is a unique collection of cars and objects from Soviet times near Daugavpils Fortress. There is the largest collection of “Moskvich” cars in the Baltic States. More information about the exposition – at visitdaugavpils.lv.
  • Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory is the oldest ammunition production plant in Northern Europe with the only active lead casting tower in Europe. Here you can learn more about the process of shot production, look at the production equipment. More information about the tourist offer – dsr.lv.

Before going with your pet to see other tourist attractions, contact each establishment and find out if your four-legged friend will be able to visit the particular establishment together with the owner. The list of Daugavpils tourist attractions is available here.


Recreation near city reservoirs:
Daugavpils City Municipality reminds that according to the requirements of regulations bathing with dogs is prohibited only in places of official bathing. There are three of them in Daugavpils – the beach on the Lielais Stropu Lake “Stropu Vilnis”, the central beach in Lielais Stropu, the beach on the Šuņu Lake (after the former 7th basic school). Other bathing places are not official beaches and there are no restrictions on bathing pets.


 Daugavpils City Municipality Communication Department