Come and discover the novelties of the Shmakovka Museum

Come and discover the novelties of the Shmakovka Museum

The Shmakovka Museum in Daugavpils is the largest museum in Latvia, which tells about the culinary heritage of Latgale. In the digital expositions of the museum, with the help of the latest technologies, you can interactively study the process of making shmakovka, as well as examine authentic devices for its production. In addition to the story about the production of the drink, the museum has comprehensive information about the culture and history of Latgale. Museum has opened the active tourist season on April 1st and prepared some novelties for its customers.

Starting from April 1st, the Shmakovka Museum will become even more accessible and will be open to visitors seven days a week, from 11am to 7pm.

The renovated foyer of the museum is already waiting for visitors – the room is equipped with a new tasting table and decorations in the traditional Latgalian style.
Shmakovka Museum also offers new service this year – online tours in Latvian, Latgalian, Russian and English. If you want to learn more detailed information about the history of Latgale and about the production of shmakovka, but cannot visit the museum in person, the exposition can be viewed remotely, accompanied by a guide.

Besides, Shmakovka Museum will be participating in the international event “Night of Museums 2022” on May 14th. It will be possible to visit the exposition for free and participate in master classes of making shmakovka and clay cups during the event. In addition, Latgalian traditional music will be played and temporary exhibition “Family Table” that talks about the peculiarities of the culinary heritage of Latgale will be available during the event.

The staff of the museum has recently started a campaign “There is no present without the past”. In order to complement the exposition of the museum, museum is looking for various exhibits related to the history of Latgale and shmakovka production. For example, equipment for making shmakovka, household items, clothes, shoes, decorative window frames, books, tableware, curtains, rugs, bed linen, etc.

In order to continue the tradition of celebrating the birthday of the museum, the festival “GOSTŪS LATGOLĀ” will be held for the second time on July 30th. The festival will be dedicated to Latgalian hospitality and traditions, as well as to the celebration of the 6th anniversary of Shmakovka Museum. Visitors will be offered an exciting program with the participation of artists from Latgale and the members of the culinary heritage network. There will be a crafts fair where everyone will have the opportunity to try and purchase local products.

More information about the museum: +371 25666201, www.smakovka.lv