Amazing hen party ideas in Daugavpils

Amazing hen party ideas in Daugavpils

The hen party is an old and beautiful tradition before the wedding. Exciting, fun and original ideas for the hen party will make it unforgettable. Here are some ideas for a party scenario in Daugavpils.


Painting masterclass under the guidance of a professional artist
Painting masterclasses are organised in the “Albrecht Art&Wine” Gallery. Painting classes are an opportunity to acquire basic knowledge and skills in painting in order to further develop yourself in one of the painting techniques and styles.
For more information and to apply, call +371 26627031.

A visit to the Shmakovka Museum and shmakovka tasting experience
The Shmakovka Museum offers a fascinating story about the process of making shmakovka and the features of the drink. You will see the authentic and impressive production equipment and taste the drink during the tour.
For more information and to book a visit, please call +371 25666201.

Enjoy the thrill of the quest
“Escape room” – a quest in reality. Intellectual entertainment for teams. At the beginning of the game, participants will be locked in rooms from which they will have to get out within 60 minutes. Here you can celebrate birthdays, corporate events or even bachelor/bachelorette parties.
For more information and to register call: +371 20337130.

Visit a unique exposition dedicated to the history of medicine
The medical exhibition with an exposition of birth control items invites you to familiarise yourself with the medical history of Daugavpils, the most outstanding doctors, and medical institutions that used to be in Daugavpils.
For more information and to apply call: +371 28872898.

Enjoy a bright and interesting adventure at the Daugavpils Innovation Centre
The Innovation Centre offers to get to know the magic of the kitchen in the kitchen laboratory. It offers to learn how to cook: NAAN – Indian bread, Palak paneer – spinach main course, pea flour sweets (candies). Groups up to 25 people are accepted.
For more information and to apply call: +371 29 411 895.

Apply for educational, active and creative master classes
The House of Traditions in Daugavpils offers various kinds of master classes.
For more information and to apply call: +371 29118992.

Enjoy delicious and exciting entertainment at the “Orange Bowling”
The entertainment and leisure complex “Orange Bowling” in Daugavpils offers bowling – with 10 lanes and equipment from the world-famous bowling company “Brunswick”. There is an opportunity to play air hockey, billiards, and non-gambling games. The complex has four pool tables certified by the European Billiards Federation.
For more information and to apply call: +371 65427102.

The Clay Art Centre is always inquisitive and creative!
Daugavpils Clay Art Centre invites everyone to creative ceramic workshops. The Daugavpils Clay Art Centre has a Folk Applied Art Studio “Latgale”, and the participants have their own creative workshops where the working process takes place – shaping, turning, glazing and firing.
For more information and to apply call:  +371 65425302.

Horseback riding is a way to enjoy peace and see the world from a different perspective!
The horse stable in Mezciems offers horse riding, a chance to get to know and cuddle a stately animal and go for a nice ride with an instructor.
For more information and to apply call +371 28480332.

An exciting cruise on the Daugava River on the boat “Sikspārnis”
During the trip, passengers have the opportunity to see the Vienibas Bridge, Daugavpils residential districts, Daugavpils Fortress and get to know the biodiversity of the river and its banks. Passengers can enjoy a picnic on the water, take food or a hot drink and admire the beauty of the Daugava River.
For more information and to apply, call +371 29839631, +371 29965098.

Cocktail masterclasses at the “IGGI” Bar to learn new skills
The cocktail masterclass is an opportunity to make cocktails in a fun and friendly atmosphere, accompanied by a professional bartender, and enjoy them in the company of friends. It’s a great addition to a celebration or just a good start to a fun evening.
For more information and to book call +371 25428500.

Come and paint at the Rothko Museum!
Let your imagination run wild, learn painting techniques under the guidance of an artist and create your own painting in one masterclass!
For more information and to apply call +371 22471925, +371 26564817.

Creativity in cocktail making at the “D.O.M.bar” Cocktail Bar
The masterclass will teach you step by step the basics of cocktail making, the history of cocktails and, of course, how to enjoy your drinks at the end.
For more information and to register, call +371 26178575.

Want to learn the secrets of sushi making?
Book a sushi making masterclass at “VĒSMA” Gastrobar, learn about the sushi culture and get the sushi-making skills.
For more information and to register, call +371 22009991, +371 29298093.

The city has a wide range of caterers and a varied food offer – there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Check the website for more information: https://ieej.lv/ZPcKa

After a long and emotional day, stay overnight in one of Daugavpils’ accommodation options. For a more extensive list of accommodation, please visit the website: https://ieej.lv/7z1eI