Youth Festival “Artišoks 2020”

Youth Festival “Artišoks 2020”

Date: 05.09.2020

Time: 15:00 - 22:00

Place: Unity Square, Dubrovin Park, Daugavpils

“Artišoks” is the largest youth festival in Daugavpils, which has become one of the city’s business cards, as it is attended not only by local youth, but also guests from other cities and countries of Latvia.


“Artišoks” is organized to introduce young people with the opportunity to spend their free time in Daugavpils city in a useful and interesting way, supporting a wide range of interests, creative approach and active, healthy lifestyle. The atmosphere of the event is ensured by the activities planned by various youth organizations, creative workshops, exciting performances, inspiring demonstrations, master classes, shows, sports competitions, music and dance areas.



For more information:
Daugavpils City Council Sports and Youth Department