29.01.2021 - 22.05.2021

Exhibition "Controlled Flight of Free Thought" by Mārīte Kluša

Creative works of the exhibition “Freedom is a Conscious Need” or “Controlled Flight of a Free Thought” seem to imply both the randomness often associated with tearing paper and the artist’s conscious (controlled) action. Kluša’s graphic works are three-dimensional objects brimming with drawings that remain the artist’s signature art form.


23.04.2021 - 01.10.2021

A Discharge-Recharge Wall in the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre courtyard

At this time of uncertainty, when phone and computer screens have replaced face-to-face encounters and on-site visits to museums and exhibition grounds remain a distant dream, emotions run high and may make us lash out at the few remaining people still around us.