Daugavpils District – dog-friendly place

Daugavpils District – dog-friendly place

Daugavpils District has been recognised as the friendliest region in Latvia in relation to the traveling with the dogs. This fact was reported by representatives of the “Ar suni” (“With the dog”) project. There are 32 dog friendly places in Daugavpils city and surrounding area.

The project “Ar Suni” began its performance in September, 2017. The main goal of the project is to find and compile information about the public places in Latvia that are friendly to dogs.

Today, as a result of initiative of entrepreneurs, there is information about 525 dog-friendly places in Latvia. Information about them is available online on the www.arsuni.lv website. The shops, the parks, the sights, the places to eat, etc. are amongst them.

In fact, two national exhibitions of dogs of all breeds will be held in Daugavpils from January, 19th to January, 20th. It is planned that exhibitions will be attended by 1,300 exhibitors from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Finland and other countries. Approximately 145 breeds of dogs will be presented at the exhibitions.