4 Years Shmakovka Museum!

This year Daugavpils City is celebrating 745th anniversary. During a week of the city’s birthday celebration, Shmakovka Museum is going to celebrate its 4-year anniversary. In honor of these two festive events museum’s admission fee on 6th and 7th June will be only 2.15 EUR.

Rothko Centre Opens Its Doors to Visitors

In keeping with the restrictions and safety measures decreed by the government, as of May 16, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre will open its doors to visitors with six temporary exhibitions and a permanent exhibit featuring original works by artist Mark Rothko.

Spring events at Latgale Zoo in Daugavpils

Spring has come to Latgale Zoo in Daugavpils. Grass is starting to grow and flowers bloom in the courtyard. Tree frogs are singing in the Zoo exposition. Meerkats and dwarf rabbits are sunbathing in the spring sun; also, other inhabitants feel the arrival of the warm weather.

There is a growing interest in Daugavpils as a tourist destination

Information about the number of visits to the tourist attractions, culture, sports and leisure institutions in Daugavpils reveals that Daugavpils continues to develop as an interesting and diverse tourist destination which is annually visited by thousands of tourists from Latvia and abroad. In 2019, visitors from 58 countries were registered in Daugavpils.