Guided tours in Daugavpils
City sightseeing tours in Daugavpils are offered by certified tourist guides (list of guides). Tours must be booked in time by contacting the guide individually. Excursions can be booked in many languages, for example, Latvian, English, German, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian. The price of the tour should be specified with the guide.

Free guided tours in Daugavpils
If you want to learn more about Daugavpils, the best way to do it is to visit a guided city tour, which will take you through the most important sights and their history. The guide will tell you many interesting and fascinating stories about the city. The free guided tours are organised once a month. Additional information: +371 26444810.

Guided tours in Daugavpils Fortress
Tours in Daugavpils Fortress can be booked at the Daugavpils Fortress Visitor Centre, +371 654 24043, +371 28686331, cietoksnis@daugavpils.lv. 

Price list for a tour in Daugavpils Fortress – 1h

For a group of up to 5 people: 18.00 EUR
For a group of up to 10 people: 24.00 EUR
For a group over  10 people: 3.60 EUR*

For a group of up to 5 people: 9.00 EUR
For a group of up to 10 people: 12.00 EUR
For a group over  10 people: 1.80 EUR*

*From person

A ride through Daugavpils on a tram manufactured in the middle of the last century

Daugavpils offers to enjoy a special atmosphere by taking a ride around the city on a tram manufactured at the Riga Carriage Factory at the end of the last century. The tram is equipped with tables, curtains and has 24 seats.
The tour lasts about an hour and is a good alternative for tourist groups to the classic city tour, because in less than an hour you can travel around the city and get introduced to its history and cultural and historical objects. During the trip you will be able to see the most remarkable places of Daugavpils: the historical centre, Daugavpils Fortress, Church Hill, as well as other sights and neighbourhoods of the city.
The tram runs along the public transport route. You can start and end the tour at any tram stop, for example, at the stop „Vienības nams” (in the city centre, on the main town square) or at the stop „Daugavpils cietoksnis” (the tram stop near Daugavpils Fortress). There are 5 tram routes in Daugavpils. The most interesting of them are route No. 3 (Daugavpils Fortress – Unity House – Church Hill – Stropu Lake – Unity House – Daugavpils Fortress) and route No. 5 (Daugavpils Fortress – Church Hill – Strop Lake – Unity House – Daugavpils Fortress).

The tram rental is provided by „Daugavpils satiksme”.

The procedure for applying for a tour:

  1. Tour guide

Tram tours are offered by certified tour guides (list of guides). Tours must be booked in advance by contacting the guide individually. Tours can be booked in Latvian, English, German, Polish, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian. The cost of the excursion is specified by the guide.

  1. Tram hire

To order a tram to carry a group of passengers, please contact „Daugavpils satiksme” by phone: 20012140, info@dsatiksme.lv.

Pre-booking is mandatory!
The client must contact the guide to book a tour and „Daugavpils satiksme” to rent a tram. The client can ask the guide to book the tram for the excursion.

For more information about the guided tours in Daugavpils city contact Daugavpils Tourist Service Centre:
22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils
+371 65422818 +371 26444810