Cafe “Baltais krogs”

  • Cafe “Baltais krogs”
  • Cafe “Baltais krogs”
  • Cafe “Baltais krogs”
  • Cafe “Baltais krogs”
1B Skolas Street, Naujene parish, Daugavpils district
GPS: 55.9347943 , 26.717850699999985
+371 29330114
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The cafe offers its guests to enjoy a variety of cuisine. In “Baltais krogs” a variety of soups, hot dishes and snacks is available. The hosts advise everyone to try the special hot dish – “Hercogs”, that was usually eaten by the owner of the Jezufovas estate. This special dish includes: pork, smoked meat, cheese and tomatoes.

“Baltais krogs” offers banquet services and meals for groups of up to 40 persons, as well as catering at any event.

The cafe “Baltais krogs” is included in the list of the “Sierzinis”* (“The cheese expert”) association  of the “Lauku ceļotājs” (“Country Traveler”).  If a person makes a pre-order, “Baltais krogs” offers to taste and buy homemade cheeses from local peasants. Each type of cheese has its own special taste and way of making.

* The “Sierzinis” sign* (“The cheese expert”) is assigned to those farms, that are masters in cheese making. The hosts of the cafe tell visitors about the process of cheese making, offer to try and purchase cheese. This sign can receive rural taverns, restaurants and all others, who offer cheese, that is made by local craftsmen, in their menu.

Working hours:

Monday – Thursday 11:00 – 18:00

Friday – Sunday 11:00 – 20.00.