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Submission of Applications for the Certification of Daugavpils Tourist Guides

Submission of Applications for the Certification of Daugavpils Tourist Guides

In accordance with the Daugavpils city council’s Binding Regulation No.26 "On providing the tourist guide services in Daugavpils", tourist guide services on the administrative territory of Daugavpils city can only be provided by the persons who have received the certificate of a Daugavpils tourist guide.

The applicants for the granting of certificate are invited to submit their applications from the 7th of April, either in print form to the Daugavpils city council's Information Office (blank applications are available in the Information Office or on the city council's website), or electronically on the following e-mail: All the documents required in accordance with the requirements of Binding Regulation No.26 must be attached.

For the guide certification, the Daugavpils city council has created a Tourist Guide Certification Commission, which is obliged to process the application and to make a decision about granting of a certificate within 14 days.

Before submitting the application, please read carefully the Binding regulations No.26!
If necessary, please send your questions to the following e-mail:

The information is prepared by:
Artjoms Mahļins
The head of the Tourist Guide Certification Commission

Daugavpils Regional Tourist Information Centre

Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre

22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils