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The 2013 Main Event in Daugavpils - the Grand Opening of Mark Rothko Art Centre

The 2013 Main Event in Daugavpils - the Grand Opening of Mark Rothko Art Centre


The grand opening ceremony of Mark Rothko Art Centre will take place on April 24th, 2013. It will be the only one place in Eastern Europe where will be possible to see the original works of Mark Rothko - the preeminent artist of the XX century, a founder of Abstract Expressionism. At the same time (April 24) the Second International Tourism Conference will take place in Daugavpils.


Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art centre will become the multifunctional institution of contemporary art in the space of the fortress Arsenal building (3 Mihaila Street). The visitors will see Rothko original works and reproductions and digital exposition on the artist’s biography and creativity. Moreover every one will be able to visit Rothko Silent Room, video hall, cultural and historical expositions and temporary exhibitions with the artists' works from Latvia, Europe and the World.

Art centre will offer to use conference and seminar facility, meeting rooms and artists rezidences. Every visitor will enjoy gourmet food and good spirit in the Rothko restaurant. Soon Mark Rothko Art Centre will have a website

The 110th anniversary celebration of Mark Rothko birth will take place in the art centre on September 25. At that very day the „Latvijas Pasts” government corporation in cooperation with the specialists of Mark Rothko art centre will issue a new stamp "mark Rothko" with the value of 60 centimes.


The largest events of the Mark Rothko art centre in 2013 *


Peteris Martinsons exhibition (ceramic)

Peter Griffin exhibition (United Kingdom)

William Scarf exhibition (United States of America)

Art Days activities

April 24 – The opening of Mark Rothko Art Centre

April 24 – Concert series "Musical Dedication Rothko"


May 8 – The conference "Rothko and Abstract Expressionism"

May 18 – The Night of Museums

May 18 – Chamber music


June 1 - Body Art Festival for Children and Youth "The Picture Man"

Jazz evening (jazz studio)

Concert series „Rothko's favorite composers”

City Days activities


„The song for Daugava” exhibition

Chamber music


Jazz evening


September 7 – Opening of the "Mark Rothko" International Residence

September 8 - Concert series „Music Connected to Art”

September 20– Aivar Brok concert (the composer, conductor and musical teacher)

September 20– Nina Stoupin exhibition (Belgium)

September 25– Closing ceremony of the Международной "Mark Rothko" International Residence (opening of the exhibition)



October 10 II Latgale Graphic Symposium

October 11 – Chamber music


Dieter Penzek exhibitio (Germany)


* The list of events will be improved. To know about the changes and obtain other important information will be possible on this site (the website will start soon).


Prepared by Daugavpils Regional Tourist Information Centre, This article based on the information given by Mark Rothko art centre specialists.

Daugavpils Regional Tourist Information Centre

Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre

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